Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Picking out our pumpkins from Zilles' Pumpkin patch.

Carving Pumpkins.  So glad my kids still think it a fun family night to carve pumpkins.

Halloween Day.  Cole wore his batman PJ's to school Clint stayed home sick .  But he hung out in his spiderman jammies all day.

Aunt Rachie made their cute costumes

Trunk O' Treat Two Mad Scientists and Two Lab Rats!

Merritt Family Pirates

Too much candy

Monday, June 30, 2014

Southern Utah Trip

June 23-  Monday we left Logan and started the drive down to Bryce Canyon.  It was about a 5 1/2 hour drive- When we got to Bryce we went out for a short little hike, and then back to the hotel for some swimming.  At the pool we met this amazing family from Kansas.  There daughter Ashley was blind she was 13 and the kids met her in the pool she wanted them to play marco polo with her.  Then in the hot tub later she sang for us wow this amazing voice!!  I guess she also plays the piano really great too.  They were so nice and fun to talk to.  It was pretty funny after we were talking to our kids about how amazing she was and Wyatt had not even realized she was blind.  I love that he just had fun playing with her and did not even realize her disablility.  Wish I would have had the camera at the pool-

Day two-  We got up and went and did some hikes in the Canyon so amazing-  This kids had fun hiking down the canyon and along the bottom but not so much hiking back out-- 

Then we went and got some lunch and did a few hikes outside of the park- mossy cave hike which was fun we hiked up to this waterfall and little overhang cave.

Nate and Wyatt cooling off

After our hikes we headed down to Kanab- We got there and checked in hotel and grabbed some dinner.  The kids were upset the pool was closed for the night- 

Day 3- Nate had meetings so he left early me and the kids swam in the hotel pool with our friends the Hendersens and then went exploring Kanab.  We ended up and Little Hollywood Movie museum a little outdated for my kids but fun to walk around.  They just had things from old movie sets.

Then just because it was about 5 minutes away we drove to Arizona - so the kids could say they have been there.

Then after lunch at Motza Lotza Pizza we drove out to this little river outside of town to do some frog catching with our friends.

Parker, Lincoln, Wyatt, and Tanner

Shay and Ashton

We had already checked out of our hotel so we went into town to the splash pad for the kids to get cleaned up a little before our next drive.

Then we drove to Escalante about 2 hr drive we stopped at the Petrified Forest and hike around- Pretty amazing Wyatt loves learning while we are on trips he likes to read all the signs and Nate is teaching them about plants and animals so great it is like a mini science field trip.  They were out of maps on our hike but them had number markers the kids had fun making up information at every stop they are so funny.  Shay had to do all of hers in a Russian Accent she is such a goof.

Back to the hotel for then night and then last day of trip- got up and drove out to Devils Playground it is on the road to Hole in the Wall would really like to drive our there one day but the road was awful and we were in a rental car.  

 We had fun just playing on the rocks and spotting lizards.  Then we hit the road and took the scenic way home over Hells Backbone and down into the Boulders.  Hells backbone is this bridge that is at the top of this canyon with drop offs on both sides

Then back on the road for the long drive home.  A great trip sure do love my family!!  The twins stayed home with Aunt Rachie.